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CheatCore is de Cheats informatiebron die u zoekt. Voor Xbox en 360, Playstation 2 en 3, Nintendo GameCube en Revolution, Nintendo DS en PC

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CheatCore heeft Cheats voor de nieuwste Games. Of het nu over de Xbox, Nintendo DS, Xbox360, Xbox 360, PlayStation2 of PlayStation 2, PlayStation3 of PlayStation 3, Nintendo GameCube of Revolution gaat.

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GBAPitfall: The Mayan Adventure20/11/2002
GBAPokémon Ruby/Sapphire25/03/2003
GBAPokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire05/09/2003
GBAPeter Pan in Return to Neverland26/01/2004
GBAPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time02/01/2004
GBATreasure Planet26/02/2004
GBCPocket Bomberman20/11/2002
GBCPokémon Pinball20/11/2002
GBCPokémon Gold\Silver21/11/2002
GBCPokémon Red\Blue21/11/2002
GBCPokémon cristal03/07/2004
GBCPooh & Tiggers Hunny Safari24/07/2004
NGCPirates of the Caribbean01/08/2003
NGCP.N. 0305/09/2003
NGCPhantasy Star Online: Episode I & II06/09/2003
NGCPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time22/12/2003
NGCPikmin 202/06/2004
NGCPokemon colloseum14/07/2004
NGCPitfall: The Lost Expedition17/07/2004
NGAPuzzle Bobble VS20/11/2005
N64Perfect Dark22/11/2002
N64Pilotwings 6422/11/2002
N64Pokémon Snap22/11/2002
N64Pokémon Stadium22/11/2002
N64Pokemon Stadium Gold, Silver22/11/2002
N64Premier Manager22/05/2003
N64Pokémon Puzzle League13/01/2004
PCPopulous 327/11/2002
PCPowerboat Racing27/11/2002
PCPrimal Prey27/11/2002
PCPrince of Persia 3D27/11/2002
PCProject I.G.I27/11/2002
PCPostal 216/04/2003
PCPrince of Persia29/07/2003
PCPirates of the Caribbean01/08/2003
PCPsi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy28/12/2006
PS2Pirates of the Caribbean01/08/2003
PS2Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time02/01/2004
PS2Pitfall: The Lost Expedition29/06/2004
PS2Prisoner of War02/08/2004
PS2Parappa The Rapper 202/08/2004
PSPPrince of Persia: Revelations28/10/2006
PSPPursuit Force: Extreme Justice31/03/2007
PSPPac-Man World 303/04/2007
DCPhantasy Star Online26/11/2002
XBXPirates of the Caribbean01/08/2003
XBXProject Gotham Racing17/09/2003
XBXPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time02/01/2004
XBXPrisoner of War31/08/2006
XBXPanzer Dragoon Orta31/08/2006
360Perfect Dark Zero02/12/2005
360Peter Jackson’s King Kong29/10/2006
360Project Gotham Racing 329/10/2006

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