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CheatCore is de Cheats informatiebron die u zoekt. Voor Xbox en 360, Playstation 2 en 3, Nintendo GameCube en Revolution, Nintendo DS en PC

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CheatCore heeft Cheats voor de nieuwste Games. Of het nu over de Xbox, Nintendo DS, Xbox360, Xbox 360, PlayStation2 of PlayStation 2, PlayStation3 of PlayStation 3, Nintendo GameCube of Revolution gaat.

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PS2Tony Hawk's Project 827/12/2006
PS2Tony Hawk's American Wasteland27/12/2006
PS2Tony Hawk's Underground 227/12/2006
PS2Tomb Raider: Legend29/08/2006
PS2Total Overdose21/08/2006
PS2The Da Vinci Code09/08/2006
PS2The Godfather02/08/2006
PS2The Warriors22/11/2005
PS2The Urbz: Sims in the city10/01/2005
PS2The Getaway: Black Monday02/08/2004
PS2Twisted Metal: Black02/08/2004
PS2True Crime: Streets of L.A.16/07/2004
PS2The Suffering16/07/2004
PS2Tekken Tag Tournament24/02/2004
PS2Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 413/01/2004
PS2Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness30/12/2003
PS2The Hulk30/12/2003
PS2The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King24/12/2003
PS2Test Drive30/11/2003
PS2The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers12/11/2003
PS2Tony Hawk's Underground29/10/2003
PS2Time Crisis 326/10/2003
PS2Tiger Woods PGA Tour 200408/10/2003
PS2The Simpsons: Hit and Run21/09/2003
PS2The Sims01/09/2003
PS2The Great Escape21/08/2003
PS2Terminator: Dawn of Fate28/07/2003
PS2Taz Wanted16/05/2003
PS2Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon06/04/2003
PS2Tenchu 3: Wrath of Heaven16/03/2003
PS2Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 410/03/2003
PS2The Bouncer15/11/2002
PS2Tiger Woods PGA Tour 200115/11/2002
PS2TOCA Race Driver15/11/2002
PS2Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 315/11/2002
PS2Top Gear Dare Devil15/11/2002
PS2Tekken 415/11/2002

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