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CheatCore is de Cheats informatiebron die u zoekt. Voor Xbox en 360, Playstation 2 en 3, Nintendo GameCube en Revolution, Nintendo DS en PC

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CheatCore heeft Cheats voor de nieuwste Games. Of het nu over de Xbox, Nintendo DS, Xbox360, Xbox 360, PlayStation2 of PlayStation 2, PlayStation3 of PlayStation 3, Nintendo GameCube of Revolution gaat.

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PS3Spiderman 320/06/2007
PCS.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl13/04/2007
PCSiN Episodes: Emergence13/04/2007
WiiSSX Blur22/03/2007
WiiSonic and the Secret Rings22/03/2007
PS3Sonic the Hedgehog21/03/2007
PCSpongeBob Squarepants: Creatuur van de Krokante Krab28/12/2006
PS2SpongeBob Squarepants: Creatuur van de Krokante Krab28/12/2006
WiiSuper Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz28/12/2006
PSPSplinter Cell Essentials27/12/2006
PCStronghold: Crusader26/12/2006
PSPSonic Rivals26/12/2006
NDSStar Trek: Tactical Assault24/12/2006
NDSSpongeBob Squarepants: Creatuur van de Krokante Krab12/12/2006
WiiSpongeBob Squarepants: Creatuur van de Krokante Krab12/12/2006
360Superman Returns: The Videogame12/12/2006
360Sonic the Hedgehog18/11/2006
360Saints Row31/10/2006
PS2Scarface: The World is Yours28/10/2006
XBXScarface: The World is Yours28/10/2006
PCScarface: The World is Yours28/10/2006
XBXSega Soccer Slam31/08/2006
XBXStar Wars Jedi Starfighter31/08/2006
XBXState of Emergency31/08/2006
PCStar Wars Galactic Battlegrounds30/08/2006
PS2Shadow of the Colossus22/08/2006
XBXStar Wars: Battlefront 220/08/2006
PSPSpiderman 211/08/2006
NGCStar fox Assault11/08/2006
SNESSuper Mario World09/08/2006
NDSSuper Princess Peach31/07/2006
PSPStar Wars: Battlefront 231/07/2006
XBXSSX On Tour22/11/2005
NDSSuper Mario 64 DS20/11/2005
NDSSpiderman 220/11/2005
NDSStar Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith20/11/2005
NGASuper Monkey Ball20/11/2005
PS2Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith20/11/2005
XBXStar Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith20/11/2005
PS2Star Wars: Bounty Hunter20/11/2005
XBXSplinter Cell20/11/2005
NGCShrek 2: The Game20/11/2005
DCSoul Fighter17/01/2005
NGCSerious Sam Next Encounter07/12/2004
NGCSonic Heroes12/09/2004
PS2Samurai Warriors02/08/2004
PS2SWAT: Global Strike Team02/08/2004
PS2Sing Star24/07/2004
GBAStreet Fighter Alpha 322/07/2004
GBASpyro 2: Season of Flame22/07/2004
XBXSecret Weapons Over Normandy18/07/2004
PS2Spiderman 216/07/2004
XBXSpiderman 216/07/2004
NGCSpiderman 216/07/2004
NGCSpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom02/06/2004
NGCSonic Adventure Battle 222/03/2004
XBXStar Wars: The Clone Wars17/03/2004
PCSecret Weapons Over Normandy01/01/2004
PCStar Trek: Hidden Evil30/12/2003
PS2Starsky & Hutch30/12/2003
PS2SSX Tricky30/11/2003
XBXSSX Tricky30/11/2003
PS2Splashdown: Rides Gone Wild26/11/2003
N64Snowboard Kids25/11/2003
PS2Spy Hunter07/10/2003
DCStreet Fighter III: Double Impact26/09/2003
PCThe Simpsons: Hit and Run24/09/2003
GBASpy Kids 3D: Game Over12/09/2003
PCStar Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy11/09/2003
GBASpiderman: The Movie10/09/2003
GBASecret Agent Barbie09/09/2003
PS2Spiderman: The Movie05/09/2003
NGCSpiderman: The Movie04/09/2003
N64Star Fox 6404/09/2003
NGCStar Fox Adventures01/09/2003
XBXSoul Calibur II30/08/2003
PS2Soul Calibur II30/08/2003
NGCSoul Calibur II30/08/2003
GBASuper Monkey Ball Jr.28/08/2003
NGCSuper Monkey Ball 227/08/2003
PCSniper: Path of Vengeance27/08/2003
NGCSuper Monkey Ball26/08/2003
GBCSuper Mario Land25/08/2003
PS2Smash Cars25/08/2003
XBXSX Superstar24/08/2003
NGCSX Superstar24/08/2003
GBCSuper Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins22/08/2003
PS2Summer Heat: Beach Volleyball02/08/2003
PS1Sheep, Dog 'N' Wolf01/08/2003
XBXSpiderman: The Movie31/07/2003
PCSpring Break28/07/2003
GBASega Smash Pack27/07/2003
XBXSpeed Kings14/07/2003
PS2Speed Kings14/07/2003
NGCSpeed Kings14/07/2003
NGCSonic Adventure DX25/06/2003
PS2Silent Hill 310/06/2003
PCSpy Hunter03/06/2003
PS2Silent Hill 223/05/2003
NGCThe Simpsons Road Rage22/05/2003
GBASuper Dodgeball Advance12/05/2003
PCSim Ant04/05/2003
PCSoap Bubble17/04/2003
PS2Shadow Man: 2econd Coming17/04/2003
GBASuper Mario Advance 221/03/2003
GBCSamurai Shodown12/02/2003
NGCStar Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast03/12/2002
XBXStar Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast03/12/2002
XBXStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic02/12/2002
PCSerious Sam: The First Encouter27/11/2002
PCSettlers 427/11/2002
PCShadow Warrior27/11/2002
PCSim City 300027/11/2002
PCSlave Zero27/11/2002
PCSoldier of Fortune27/11/2002
PCSoldier of Fortune 227/11/2002
PCSpeed Busters: American Highways27/11/2002
PCStar Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen27/11/2002
PCStar Trek Voyager: Elite Force27/11/2002
PCStar Wars Episode 1: Racer27/11/2002
NGCSuper Smash Bros Melče26/11/2002
DCSan Fransisco Rush 204926/11/2002
DCShenmue 226/11/2002
DCSonic Adventure26/11/2002
DCSonic Adventure 226/11/2002
DCSonic Shuffle26/11/2002
DCStar Wars Episode One: Jedi Power Battles26/11/2002
DCStreet Fighter Alpha 3 Max26/11/2002
N64Shadowgate 6422/11/2002
N64Star Wars Episode 1: Racer22/11/2002
N64Star Wars: Rogue Squadron22/11/2002
N64Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire22/11/2002
N64Superman 6422/11/2002
N64Super Mario 6422/11/2002
N64Super Smash Brothers22/11/2002
GBASpyro the Dragon: Season of Ice20/11/2002
GBCStar Wars Episode 1: Racer20/11/2002
GBCStar Wars Episode 1: Obi-wan's Adventures20/11/2002
GBASuper Mario Advance20/11/2002
GBCStreetfighter 220/11/2002
PS2Super Bust-A-Move16/11/2002
PS1Spec Ops: Airborne Commando15/11/2002
PS1Spiderman: The Movie15/11/2002
PS1Streetfighter Zero 215/11/2002
PS1Syphon Filter15/11/2002
PS2Silent Scope 2: Fatal Judgement15/11/2002
PS2Silphead: The Lost Planet15/11/2002
PS2State of Emergency15/11/2002
PS2Superman: Shadow of Apokolips15/11/2002
PS2Swing Away Golf15/11/2002
PS2Star Wars Racer Revenge15/11/2002

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